Sunday, 9 November 2014

Praznath (the identity)--a short film by Vivek Sinha

"Praznath (the identity)" - a short film, by Vivek Sinha, is the story of a young and successful Kashmiri Pandit boy who wants to return to his ancestral home in Srinagar.
Ishan Bhat (a Kashmiri Pandit) has completed his engineering in Computer Science from IIT Delhi. During his last days at college he bags a lucrative job offer in the US. However, Ishan decides to settle at his ancestral home in Srinagar instead. He hires a taxi on his way from Jammu Railway Station till Srinagar. The taxi driver is Basheer, a Kashmiri Muslim. So why did Ishan turn down a job offer in the US and opt to settle at Srinagar? How do Basheer and other Kashmiri Muslims react to Ishan's decision to settle in Kashmir? What will he do at Srinagar? Does he succeed in his objective? What happens after Ishan reaches Srinagar?
"Praznath (the identity)" seeks to answer these questions.

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