Tuesday, 15 May 2018

Chip in the Madrasa: A Novel

The Novel "Chip in the Madrasa" has been published by Kautilya Books. Its priced at Rs 299/- and is available for purchase on Amazon online store in India. 

"Chip in the Madrasa" is the story of a learned and progressive Maulvi who wants to teach mathematics, science and computers at his madrasa in an Indian village.

Maulvi sahab, the protagonist of the novel, is a devout Muslim and Islam for him is a religion and not a tool to fulfill political ambitions. But Maulvi sahab's progressive move rattles the Wahhabis who are hell-bent upon using Islam as a political tool. These Wahhabi Clerics and Sheikhs sitting pretty in Saudi Arabia continue to pull the strings of local politicians and their proxies in India. These politicians and a major political party that receive huge funds from Wahhabis unleash a vicious game to break the spirit of Maulvi sahab and other rational Muslims. They even foster a womanizer and crook as a knowledgeable Islamic cleric who issues fatwas by the day but indulges in wine and women at night. A game is unleashed to establish the narrative around the Wahhabi version of Islam and decimate Muslim rationalists led by Maulvi sahab.

So, will Maulvi sahab be able to withstand pressure of the powerful men who are backed by petrodollars and have the muscle power? 

"Chip in the Madrasa" is an insightful tale that unravels how the Wahhabis play their vicious games and continue to maintain their vice-like grip on Muslim minds across the globe.

Click here to purchase the novel "Chip in the Madrasa"

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